Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dean Kamen, are you hitting on me?

I'm just going to assume that every time you do something awesome, such as inventing a prosthetic arm based upon Luke Skywalker's prosthetic arm, that you are totally flirting.
Dean Kamen, isn't it time for a midlife crisis girlfriend? Call me!

Thanks for the link, Drew.


technogreek said...

That's awesome.

Drew said...

Yes. Yes it is. I want one of those attached to my chest. Or my back. But I'd need a review camera attached to the nerves of my blind eye. Or maybe something that works off this technology.

I can't wait to become your robot overlord. Did I say overlord? I mean protector.

Ferretnick said...

That is so ridiculously cool, that I would almost join the military to have my arm blown off just so I could get one..... almost.

No seriously, that is so very awesome for people who've lost their arms or hands.
I can't imagine what kind of joy it would be like to be able to do things with 'Luke hands' that most everyone else just takes for granted. (Like typing this comment)