Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Filler Onegaishimasu: Giant Nut Edition

Guess who is still sick and disgusting? Yup, me.

Hence no good posts. If you guys want I can tell you all about what is happening on TV and in National Geographic, but my guess is that you would rather just have a bit of filler. So, hey look! It's filler! Filler with HUGE nuts!


Drew said...

I need an animated .gif in a loop of the racoon swinging it's nuts.

Just curious... Is there an english translation for the commercial?

qtilla said...

Not to my knowledge, and I would need to get out a dictionary to look up the verb they used and I'm too lazy.

Incidetnally that giant nutted raccoon is some sort of mystical takuni (a raccoon dog).

Drew said...

Yea, I'm aware of the Takuni, renowned for it's large sack. That's technically the suit that Mario dawns in SMB3, as Tanooki Mario... Only, sans the huge package.

Steve said...

It's said that Tanuki fell to the earth using his scrotum as a parachute.

Drew said...

Heh. They say the same thing about me too. Too bad you'd drop like a rock, steve.