Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Super busy weekend

Last weekend I was so extremely busy.
Friday, Quincy and I had a playdate with my favorite dog-sitting client, Theo. Quincy had a great time romping about with Theo and using his skills of cuteness to beg tennis balls off of the sentimental fellows at the courts.

Saturday, Melody and I caught a Mariners game, then got a beer, then had dinner at Chutney's in Cap Hill, then had cocktails. The game was great, the food was great. Very similar to love.

Later in the evening Theo's parents and I went to see Bombay Dreams at the 5th Ave. Theater. The show was very cute. My favorite part of the show was a very inebriated fellow who would whoop and yell at innappropriate intervals. As time progressed he would yell exciting comments, such as "slut" and "get over it."
I was amazed that the staff didn't bounce him. He could barely walk down the steps.

Sunday Jeni and I attended a Mariner's game as well. It was a great game, but I left there so full of pulled pork and shishkaberries that I had to waddle home.

Later that night I watched The Testament of Dr. Mabuse with my uncle.
Amazing. Just great. If you haven't seen this movie, shame on you. Fritz Lang's film making was amazing especially considering that he made the film in the 30's.

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