Thursday, October 05, 2006


That's all I've go to say.

So, in a fit of uncharacteristic kindness I decided to wash the sheets of my current dogsitting client's bed. This way when they came back from Europe they would have a fresh clean bed.
Well, I threw a pillowcase in with a bunch of towels, ran the load and somehow managed to utterly destroy the pillow case. I have never destroyed something in someone else's house except a glass once and I felt VERY bad about the case.
So I dragged Cathi out on an emergency must find the pillowcase run.

Cathi and I arrive at Macy's and actually found the pillowcase immediately. Yay!

Unfortunately they come in sets of two. Boo!

Luckily for me they were on sale. Yay!

Unlucky for me they were on sale for a bargain 69$. Mother fucker.

Who owns 99$ pillowcases? I'll tell you who: Quincy's parents. Really though, I am just happy that I was able to replace them.



Anonymous said...

Actually, each pillowcase would only be $49.50.


qtilla said...

hey steve, don't you owe me like a bafillion dollars for the numerous things you've broken in my house, such as glasses and my child-like innocence?

technogreek said...