Friday, October 06, 2006

Never trust any creature with more than 4 legs.

Spider causes man to lose control of SUV
Thu Oct 5, 5:29 PM ET

LEVANT, Maine - A Levant man told police he lost control of his 2003 Lincoln Navigator after he was startled by a spider on Wednesday morning.

James Lee, 28, was trying to get out of the SUV when it smashed into a tree. He walked away with a bloody nose caused by the air bag.

But, it could've been worse. At least it wasn't the new Volvo XC90 he won in a contest.

Last month, Lee was one of 11 people from across the country to win a new vehicle from McDonald's, the Bangor Daily News reported. After finishing a Big Mac extra value meal, he got the winning game piece for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" game.

He hasn't taken delivery of the new vehicle yet.

When I saw the headline I didn't think that this was "oddly enough" material, because I would totally have an accident if there was a spider in my car; but I'm quite amused by the end of the article. I feel they should have tried to work the word 'booty' into the headline though.

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