Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Hollywood Star Dogs" is a big fat ripoff!!!!

Saban returns to roots with kids' shows venture
Thu Oct 12, 6:01 PM ET

Media tycoon Haim Saban, who built his fortune from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, unveiled a new venture to develop family programs starting with a live-action troupe of dogs performing classic fairy tales.

Saban's Los Angeles-based private equity firm Saban Capital Group Inc. said on Tuesday it would create a virtual studio that employs freelance producers, writers and artists to fund programming that can travel across different delivery systems, including video games, mobile devices and broadcast TV.

"I am thrilled to return to my roots and focus on developing media properties for children and families," Saban said in a statement.

The first project, 26 half-hour episodes of "Hollywood Star Dogs," will be unveiled at a gathering of international television executives next week in the south of France.

The Saban Entertainment Group venture also has signed a deal to work with Singapore-based animation studio Tiny Island Animation to develop computer-generated programs.

A self-professed cartoon peddler, Saban converted 1,500 hours of children's television programming into a joint venture with Fox Entertainment, which was later sold to Walt Disney Co. for about $3 billion.

Saban had earlier secured the rights to the Power Rangers, which became a hit series in the mid-1990s with accompanying best-selling action figures in the United States.

He now owns German broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 with a group of other investors and is buying Spanish-language U.S. broadcaster Univision Communications Inc.

Uhm, doesn't anyone else remember Wishbone?

The little dog with a big imagination?

That show absolutely rocked.

He did all the classics in literature. There are about 50 more ridiculously adorable pictures I could put up. Wishbone rules! Forever!

Seriously, this Saban guy is a total idea thieving ass-clown (Steve). I can't believe anyone watched his stupid power rangers show (Steve). I can't believe that people who watched his show and knew all the ranger's names and colors couldn't manage to name every villain listed on the sheet at quiz night (Steve).
I also can't believe that the African American ranger was the black ranger and the Asian American ranger was the yellow ranger.

Saban, if an angry woman and a Jack Russel Terrier come to your door, I suggest you keep it bolted.

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