Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I got nuthin.

Sorry about the silence. I've been pretty busy with family things.

Some deep thoughts:

1. I recieved a postcard from buddy and expert christmas tree carrier, Charles that shows a cat with its mouth full and has a long sentence in German. It says something about finding a bird according to a coworker. I have hung it in my cubical.
Hopefully it doesn't say anything about cocks.

2. Recent circumstances have dramatically increased my interest in dog ownership. However, in order to own a dog I need to live within 10 minutes of work (to take him out at mid-day) or I need to have a yard. Unfortunately, this means I would have to live in Lynnwood. Which would be fine, except that I would have to live in Lynnwood.
In order to stay in Seattle and have a yard, I would have to marry an old rich man and have him killed or make more money. However, if I make more money I am at work longer and now the dog is alone in the yard 12 hours a day.
Anyone know any rich old men with heart conditions?

3. Sting has released a lute music album. Dustin Diamond has released a porn video. Why is the world all fucked up?

4. This a bird eating a waffle.

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