Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Quilters are dirty.

Mebbie and I went to Aaron Brothers to retrieve a custom mat that I had ordered and while we were there, the morons behind the counter were fretting because they realized there was no pen at the custom framing desk. Now, I don’t want to be a TOTAL bitch, but they sell pens at Aaron Brothers. Mebbie pulls a pen out of her purse and hands it to the elderly woman being helped at the counter. The woman glances at the pen and then does a double take and reads aloud, “The Strip Club.” Then Mebbie blurts, “I jacked that pen from my mom!”

Apparently, the Strip Club is some sort of quilting group. Or so she would have you believe.

Oh, and in a semi-related side note, I don't advise anyone to patronize Aaron Brothers. After three visits of a combined 2+ hours and a span of over 3 weeks I still do not have a mat that fits the frame that I bought at Aaron Brothers.

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