Thursday, August 03, 2006

In which Q looks like a hoochie.

So apparently when I was repacking my bag to leave San Francisco I left a memento.

A pair of giant lacy striped memento.

Found by innocent Canadians.

In the guest bed.

In my defense I was trying to re-pack my suitcase on same said bed before 7 am (earlier than I get up on a work day- I might add) in order to make the train to Sacramento.
Now it just figures that the time I would pick to go visit my male friend is approximately 30 seconds after he gets New Girlfriend, and that I would make an innocent, but deviant appearing mistake. Further in my defense I only brought giant un-sexy garments because I was staying with a girlfriended fellow and my two teenaged cousins.

Now ultra awkwardly I get to pick up my Sonic Care and my giant stripy garment of shame from New Girlfriend.

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