Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I’ve got the world on a string….

So why is gravity such a week force, you ask. Well you smarty, string theorists believe that there may be a few kinds of strings: stings like rubber bands, strings that are attached at both ends to something else (like a slinky), and strings that are like donuts made of silly putty. Now imagine the putty donut is run over by a steam roller. It’s still a donut, but it’s flat and doesn’t really have a hole. The putty-donut is actually called a membrane or as dorks call it, a brane.

String theorists think that our universe is on a brane. If you can picture a whole bunch of branes all clustered together, like sliced bread, you can imagine that the big bang occurred when whamo! two pieces of bread bumped. This also explains gravity’s weakness… kinda.

Imagine that gravity is a rubber band style string and that electromagnetism is a string attached at both ends to a brane. The rubberband string of gravity would be free to float off- off into other slices of bread, I mean branes. Perhaps where gravity comes from is farther away (the end butt of the bread for example) and thus we have less of it by the time it reaches our slice.

So far, this is all I can figure out about String Theory. Some parts of me wish that it could be true. All the Star Trekian wonders that could arise from such a thing would be amazing. String Theory doesn’t solve for creation, however. If two branes smacked each other and the resulting force created and scattered our universe, where did the branes come from? Furthermore, if we are nothing but random miracles of science, then why is it wrong for me to kill my coworker? No, seriously, give me one good reason, because atheism is very appealing today.

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