Monday, August 21, 2006

Comic Book Pajama Party

Oh Netflix, you cock-tease.

Meet eight beautiful, intelligent and fun young women who also happen to be huge comic book fans. Gathering together one evening to talk about the comic books they love -- and hate -- these gals lounge, eat chocolate, guzzle wine and give you the low-down on manga, anime, Neil Gaiman, Marvel and DC, the universe in general and men in particular. Be a fly on the wall as these smart, savvy and outspoken chicks dish about more than just pop culture.

Yes, that's right. PG-13 wannabe soft-porn for fan boys.

Note the disgruntled customer reviews:

Comic Book Pajama Party offers a great premise; namely, girls in pajamas waxing poetic about your favorite comic books. Unfortch, the girls that are in it are completely ill-informed about everything, ranging from the plots and characters down to the very definition of what makes a comic a comic. They spend more than twenty minutes talking about anime, and even then, their conversation is trite and unentertaining. Even the attempt at titillation, a Twister game, comes off as half-hearted and lame. All in all, don't waste your time. This demands a remake.
These are women who sit around talking about comic books, like the description says. There are only two women who are even moderately attractive. This film would be rated G if it were not for the use of the F word once or twice (Maybe). They don't reveal anything new about comic books, or anime, which they spend a lot of time talking about. They are not smart and savvy as the description says. As a comic book fan, I think this was incredibly boring. I would rather watch the scene in "Stand By Me" when they talk about who can beat who up, Superman, Hulk, etc. Better comic book films are Comic Book Villains and Unbreakable. THIS is not a fanboy movie. Skip this, for your own sake.

So you heard it hear at the Conspiracy first: Unbreakable was a better movie than Comic Book Pajama Party. (In spite of the fact that Unbreakable didn't have a twister scene- something that could have really made a difference in the Oscar race.)

I should also mention that my former roommate Mebbie is in town for the week and we plan to spend lots of time in pajamas reading comics, and even talking about them. You could even call it a party if that is what it takes. RAWWWWWR boys, RAAAWWWWWR.

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