Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Raindrops on roses...

Schultze Gets the Blues
Cookies that turn out just right
Things that embarrass Martha Stewart
Hostess Cherry Fruit Pies
Fuzzy Baby Ducks
Thank you notes
Fanciful utilitarian objects- i.e. my pasta scooper in the shape of a dinosaur
Spam musubi
Dr. Mario
Lunch with my Grammy
Strawberry shortcake
Good British Mysteries (Foyle’s War and Prime Suspect)
New Nail-polish
The Station Agent
The Stills
Costume parties
Raspberry jam
Oprah getting fat/er
Cream Puffs
Avocado sushi
A good hike
Ripe pears
Battlestar Galactica
Greenlake sunsets
Baby feet
New Comic Day (Hooray!!) (That's Wednesday-- just in case you're ignorant)
Holiday Specials
Spanish Lessons Guy
World Cup
Schott's Original Miscellany
Irregular Plurals
Anthropomorphic food
Finding the perfect parking spot
Rain starting just AFTER your evening walk

Excellent reasons to walk around with a stupid smile on my face.

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