Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All that stuff.

So I keep hearing this line from Superman Returns: "Truth, Justice, and all that stuff."

Are things so bad that Superman can't stand for the American Way anymore? Has our reputation fallen so far that standing for the American Way is no longer appropriate?

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That doesn't sound too bad.

Sure, the country has its problems-- but I don't think that they are indicative of the behavior and desires of just America. The world has problems. Our issues are symptomatic of a greater disease afflicting the entire world and now thanks to the freedom of the press ( I would wager that to be a right Superman would value) we get to hear, see, and read everything bad happening all over the world. Everyone wants to blame the US for invading Iraq, last time I noticed we weren't alone. Boundaries, resources, and justice have caused wars since people first banded together. Acting as though America is uncivilized by overthrowing a terrible warlord, thereby protecting American oil supplies is ridiculous. People are people. So long as humans live they will squabble over resources. I'm not saying everything the government does is right, but I find it hilarious that every time something happens the global community (including our ineffectual left - to which I ashamedly belong) clutches their handbags to their scandalized bosoms and declares "Well I never!"

If you care about your home you mow the lawn, if you care about the planet you recycle, if you care about foreign policy, then get off your ass and do something about it. Write your senator, vote, or donate money to a political campaign. I am tired of smug Hollywood assholes making snide comments in their films and threatening to defect to Canada. (News update- Canada doesn't want you.) Put your money where your mouth is, Hollywood, that is if you can fit anything else up your ass.

I think the premise of America-- the freedoms we enjoy, have always been the things that Superman has fought to protect. If America didn't have troubles, Superman would always be Clark Kent and Clark Kent would have nothing to write about.

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