Monday, June 05, 2006


My cubical neighbor won the "Most Interesting Weekend Story Contest" this week with the following:
Diane and her husband had traveled to Moses Lake for some fishing and good clean family fun and having carefully weighed the most expeditious route, by which to return to Seattle, they hit the road. As they coasted around a corner on the pass they spied an odd sight- a naked man hitch-hiking. He was crouched at the edge of the road simultaneously trying to hide his junk and hold out his thumb. Given that it is the pass, it is very very cold. We’re talking frozen water in powder-form on the ground type cold.
Diane is very very very nice and her husband is a firefighter (he’s seen worse) so they pull over and reverse back to where he was crouching. They didn’t have much to give him in the way of clothes, but they gave him a bath sheet and got the state patrol on the line.
He was very average looking, clean cut, and in his early twenties. He told them and the state patrol that he had been returning home when he was kidnapped by men he knew at gunpoint. The kidnappers had driven him out into the middle of the pass in the middle of the night and told him they were going to kill him. Eventually the weather turned for the worse and they decided to strip him and throw him out of the car and down a ravine. He was clearly beat up and showed very clear evidence of having slid down a densely wooded gravel ravine, so they believed the story.
Paramedicas arrived and Diane and her husband finally got back on the road and arrived at their house 1.5 hours later than they should have, having failed to take into account the danger of nude hitch-hikers.
Undoubtedly, this guy was involved in some no-good type activity, but getting tossed out of a moving vehicle naked, into a gravelly ravine in the spring in a mountain pass is pretty rough. Poor thing.
He's just lucky someone stopped. I have three afghans and a spare hoodie and sweats set in my trunk and I wouldn’t have stopped unless I had a gun and Chuck Norris in their too.

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