Friday, June 16, 2006

A good enough reason to watch West Wing:


If loving Aaron Sorkin is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Actually and while I'm on the topic of West Wing: Rob Lowe.

Rob Lowe got totally er... screwed.

So Rob Lowe is at the bars the night before the Democratic Convention. There he meets two women with whom he has sex on tape.
Later it comes about that one of the women is underage.
Rob defended himself by saying that if you meet a woman in a bar, it is a fairly safe bet that she is of age. Why would he even ask?
Now even if he knew she was too young, that is the most legit excuse I've ever heard.
Come on everyone, let's let Rob Lowe off the hook.

If videotaping a threesome with willing strangers that you meet in a bar is wrong....


No, but seriously, that went down in '88. Give the guy a rest.

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Drew said...

Seriously. If this guy boinked two girls at the same time and got it on film... he needs some sort of metal of honor. This honorable man has lived the American Dream and come back to tell about it.

Enough with the muck-raking. Everyone knows goddamn well they'd've done the same in his shoes. (Yes, that is a double contraction. I'm allowed because I'm from Texas. We have special grammer exemptions here.)

Hell, he should use that as his running platform. "I f**ked two girls at the same time, AND I got it on tape. Vote Lowe, 2006"