Friday, March 17, 2006

William Shatner, You Crafty Bastard!

As an Aside, I would LOVE to mention that the title of this picture file was "extinct_shatner." When I clicked to view where Google Images took the photo from, I found it intriguing that the Moorehead Planetarium chose William Shatner to narrate a show called "Extinction!" Below it was an interesting biographical note (which I shall post momentarily.)

Have you seen this? The William Shatner DVD Club. A banner ad for it was running over some garbage I was reading on the interweb. This is one of those DVD subscription programs except you get "Exceptional movies for the Sci-Fi fan!"

Major slogan: "Own the Underground Hits No One Else Has!"

"Join the William Shatner DVD Club and Discover Great Movies! William Shatner has culled the thousands of films he has seen into a collection of the best Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy movies available."
"Proprietary Playlist- Only members can enjoy expert selections from the William Shatner DVD Club. We never publish a list of our constantly evolving collection.
Memorable Titles- Members receive stimulating movies selected from the classic Shatner Collection or one of his most recent finds. "

Some movie examples:

I've actually seen this one. On accident. I swear. Ginger Snaps
"Caustic and refreshingly twisted, Ginger Snaps is a frightening fable that puts a credible and modern spin on the traditional werewolf movie. Sisters Ginger and Brigitte are ostracized by their town and classmates because of their morbid inclinations. After being attacked by a wolf, Ginger begins to exhibit some bizarre behavior while embracing a new lust for life. Brigitte is caught in the awkward position of deciding between saving her past self and joining Ginger in her transformation."

I think that I saw this one too. I believe it was called Ghost Busters II. Or was it Stargate? Gosh, I've seen so many movies! The Immortal (Immortel ad Vitam)
"Based on the French graphic novel by Enki Bilal, Immortal was one of the first films to use an entirely digital backlot to create a stunning fantasy world where gods, mutants, mortals and aliens converge. A floating pyramid has emerged in the skies above Manhattan in 2095, inhabited by ancient Egyptian gods who have come to pass judgment on one of their own, a falcon headed god named Horus. Horus must find a human host body to inhabit and a mate to preserve his immortality. In his quest he becomes irrevocably entwined with a blue haired girl embarking on an analogous journey. Stunning visual effects meld with poetic surrealism in the telling of this epic fantasy."

And of course the stunning:Dragon Storm
"Dragon Storm was developed and commissioned as a Sci-Fi Channel Original Picture. Set in the Dark Ages, the bitterly opposed rulers of two neighboring kingdoms put aside their rivalry to combat an alien-dragon menace. A team of fighters must brave death and destruction to defeat the fire-breathing dragons and ensure the future of mankind."

Featured Directors:
Stuart Gordon Born 1947 Illinois, USA – Notable Films Directed: King of the Ants (2003); Dagon (2001); Fortress (1993); Re-Animator (1985).
David DeCoteau Born 1962 Oregon, USA – Notable Films Directed: The Brotherhood (I-IV); Leeches (2003); Wolves of Wall Street (2002); Puppet Master (III / VI / VII)

Shatner's personal message:
"There is nothing quite as exhilarating as discovering a Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Horror classic-to-be that has gone unnoticed by the general movie watching population. I've personally chosen a select group of movies that were entertaining, original, and memorable to share with you. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did [baby]." William Shatner.

I think my favorite part of the website is the "Weekly Poll: Which was William Shatner's finest Star Trek performance? ST2, ST3, ST6, or ST5." I can't believe that ST4 wasn't even listed! You know it's the one where they travel back in time to rescue a whale and Spock teaches a young punk on the bus the value of conformity via Vulcan Death Grip. Or was it the one where they traveled back to feudal Japan? Wait, no that was the Ninja Turtles.

I can't decide what to think of Good Ol Billy. He has spun an entire career off of a shortlived 60's TV show where the main plot device was him trying to touch alien boobies. He is either a complete joke or frighteningly brilliant.

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