Thursday, March 30, 2006

C.V. Victor von Doom

I was random articling Wikipedia today and came across Latveria. When I clicked over to Victor von Doom's wikipedia page I realized how hilarious it is to read a biography of a made up person.

Goals: "Doctor Doom is driven by three principal objectives: the destruction of Reed Richards, world domination, and the liberation of his mother's soul from the demon Mephisto's realm. "
Doctor Doom also enjoys pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. He's not much into yoga, but he is into champagne.

"Dr. Doom's iron-clad face is instantly recognizable to most of the world's population, a fact attributable to his infamous, high-tech, nuclear powered, computer assisted battle suit. Doom's first (and truly "original") set of armor was magically forged at a hidden monastery in the high mountains of Tibet; since then, his dark plated armor has been enhanced and repaired by normal technological means. "
Ah yes, world domination via Tibetan monk magic.

"Being the leader of a sovereign nation, Doctor Doom enjoys the grace of diplomatic immunity while in America during the few times he is there for non-pernicious, political actions and diplomacy. He has even been accompanied and escorted by Captain America himself."
I can see it now, "Well President von Doom, last time you were in New York you took the city over with mosquito nanno-bots, but since you're here for the Middle East Peace Summit, have at it!

"In 2003, Doom realized he was unnecessarily limiting himself by focusing on technology, and only occasionally his magical birthright. He sold his childhood sweetheart's soul to a trio of demons in exchange for unlimited magical ability and new leather armour made of her skin. "
Yes, naturally, armor made of skin. Fantastic. Technology is on its way out, it's all magic starting now! I should get me some of that skin-armor stuff. Macy's, they've got everything, right?

Uhm this was an available option for "victor von doom" according to Google Images, so live with it.

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