Monday, March 27, 2006

I smell burning pants....

So here are we are, back at Charles Taylor. In the last episode Charles was spending the millions he liberated from Liberia and Sierra Leone while in blissful Nigeria. Now apparently Nigeria is willing to give him up to Liberia, Liberia wants to send him to Sierra Leone for trial and mysteriously Nigeria isn't erm exactly sure where they put him. My guess: Brazil.

Can I just spaz a wee bit more about this? Thanks. 17 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity and since 2003 he was sitting by a pool drinking booze out of glasses garnished umbrellas, and now they lost him. The article I read this morning, which brought me back to this issue was entitled: "Liberia, Nigeria at odds over Taylor custody."
2 points:
#1: "at odds," you think? I love it when my neighbors harbor war criminals who illegally ruled my nation and stole my nations wealth in a zesty campaign of "civil war" and random killings. Don't you?
#2: "Taylor custody?" What custody? Oh gosh erm, Chuck's around here some where. Uhm, let's see, maybe he's in the yellow pages under ruthless dictator. I feel suspicious that Nigeria is finally bending to the will of the west in such an orderly fashion....

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