Monday, March 27, 2006

Hey! Good news everybody!!

There are 33 murders a DAY in Baghdad. Or maybe there aren't. Hmm... seems like a lot of controversy. Perhaps with no law and order and no infrastructure it might be hard to tell what the number really is. We know that the Washington Post counted 100,000 civilian deaths as of October... but those could have been regular civilian casualties and not murders. (See shake and bake. Damn I forgot I was pissed about that.)

Luckily Donald Rumsfeld is clearing this whole thing up for us: "You've got to remember that if Washington, D.C., were the size of Baghdad, we would be having something like 215 murders a month." AWESOME.

This is totally comparablele to 990 a month (if you don't know how to count.)

On the other other line of thought. If we had no cops and ample machine guns America would be populated by two fat white guys from Montana named Bob.

Incidentally, property values must have just plummeted in DC. Thanks Rummy!!!

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