Wednesday, March 29, 2006


As I write Charles Taylor is being shipped to Sierra Leone for trial. The authorities caught him attempting to flee to Cameroon.
I’m all excited to see a little law and order executed in Africa. Maybe a real trial with real results will show other would be terror brokers that Africa will not lie down and take it. Though the thought that is niggling at the back of my mind is that had he gotten across the border, surely someone there would have helped him and there would have been another round of extradition pressures. Who are these people who are not afraid to openly say “I am harboring a man with 17 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity.” Where is the shame?
Furthermore, I am absolutely astounded that Taylor didn’t try to sneak back into Liberia and raise what remains of his power base for one last hurrah. Maybe like Hitler in the bunker, Taylor finally saw the writing on the wall.
Let’s cross our fingers that Taylor will get a fair and thorough trial. I’ll be watching this trial with baited breath, too bad I’ll only see clips of it on BBC World News. Still, quite exciting though. Of course these international tribunals against war crimes don’t allow the death penalty. What a pity. My opposition to the death penalty is that even innocent people will confess to a crime they did not commit on occasion. However the weight of obvious evidence in this case leaves me with the overwhelming thought that Charles Taylor doesn’t deserve another nanosecond on my beautiful world.

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