Friday, March 17, 2006

Devo 2.Oh-oh

Today I was looking for a song in I-Tunes and misclicked to the children’s section. There was a banner for the next big thing in tween music: DEVO 2.0

DEVO 2.0 is all the original hits of DEVO (Whip it and …. uhm… Whip It) and a bunch of other DEVO songs (I would conjecture) remade by what appears to be a tone-deaf 12 year old girl.. While the music was actually physically painful (to say the VERY least) I found the customer reviews to be quite entertaining. I read 78 reviews of the CD “DEVO 2.0,” as recorded by the band DEVO 2.0. (It seems as though these kids have never heard of the band Big Country or they might have seen how this is gonna go down.) Here are some excerpts from my favorite customer reviews (not changed in any way):

-This Music Is Like The Originals But It Is Like Crazy Frog. I Listen to It Every Day

-Ever wonder what DEVO would sound like if all its members were pre-pubescent children? Yeah, me neither.

-Bottom line: it sucks, the apocalypse is coming!

-I’m speechless. Just listening to the previews was proof enough that this is the worst piece of garbage that I have ever heard. DEVO was pure genius. Dressing up spoiled rich kids to make them look “new wave” is an insult to my intelligence….

-I guess this is ok… not!

-Shoot me. What’s next? NIN 2.0? Please, Disney, PLEASE stop! What’s wrong with kids listening to the original artist? Last time I checked, Devo didn’t drop too many f-bombs in their catalogue. This album is a sign of the apocalypse.

-The horror. A Devo cover band devoid of irony. This is horrendous. I can’t say how much I detest this piece of devolved excrement.

-WOW. This is some craptacular carcrash… it’d totally open up that coveted canine demographic. This is landfill. Treat it accordingly.

-Way to RUIN Devo.

-I’m going to try to forget that this exists.

-I am in peace when I hear Devo, but I am in hell when I hear DEVO 2.0; so if you want to get this waste of time (not to be rude) you should really get Devo!!!! Because there are some kids willing to do anything for money, just like these kids!!!

-This is a complete rip off and they have nothing in common musically with the actual band. (Devo)

-My ears are throwing up.

-I would give this no stars if I could.

-Tee-hee. This is funny. I think I like it, and that scares me.

-What hath Disney wrought. This is a horrendous mockery of the Devo name.

-DEVO is one of the most influental new wave bands there ever was. To think that a bubblegum pop girl and her friends could give DEVO the respect they deserve was thinking too much. This is like kids bob for nerds.

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