Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What can I say, I guess I'm just a problem solver.

I've solved, the immigration, Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare issues. The solution is called De-immigration. Kids, you can all go back to school tomorrow.
Don't you see, it's brilliant, we take anyone with sustained unemployment and we give them six months to get and hold down a job, any job, or we deport them to one of many countries (like Romania) that is suffering from major depopulation issues. Many of these countries need "workers" and compared to the locals, these people may be highly educated. How about people who committed felonies? Three felonies= "welcome to Mexico." Rapists, murderers? Treat America like the pound; when we're all full up, put the undesirables down to make room for useful immigrants.
Everyone applying for Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security will have all earned the right to the money. And now with all the spare space we could poach the hardest workers and best minds of other countries.
I recommend that we cherry-pick Cuba first. One, Cuban men are hot. Two, think of major league ball!

Incidentally, I'm glad all these highschool kids are protesting. Too bad nobody gives a shit since they can't vote. (And like most young people in America won't vote even when they have the right.) Beyond that, it's just nice to see kids using MySpace for things besides jailbaiting.
PS- Less marching more writing. You don't want to look like these idiots.

Heroes in a half-shell; moron power!

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