Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh, I’m sorry, have we met?

Today I was perusing Best of Craigslist, looking for luscious humorousness. Instead I found another exciting diatribe about how straight people ruin the lives of gay people.

Let me say this once.


I’m not sorry I’m white (which, might I mention I’m not)

I’m not sorry I’m straight

I’m not sorry I’m Christian

I’m not sorry I’m privileged (would this be a good time to mention that I grew up in a trailer?)

I didn’t enslave anyone, least of all anyone’s ancestors
I have never beat up a gay person or any other person
I have never voted to remove the rights to marry or adopt or abort
I have never told anyone they are going to hell

I don’t care who you marry, who you screw, or where or if you go to church. I don’t care what race you are or where you went to school or how much money you make.

So don’t you dare accuse me of anything. I’m tired of being the scapegoat for all your problems. I’m tired of being your enemy. I’m tired of people trying to make me feel guilty for things that I have never done.

Keep your bigotry to yourself, I don’t have the time or inclination to bolster your martyr-complex.

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