Thursday, August 14, 2008

There is no dignity on Wednesday, the 13th!

Yesterday, after I posted the morning's tale of Garbage Nudity Crisis I found that yesterday was actually cursed.

Later that day...

1. Wallgreen's did not have the toilet paper I wanted. How do you run out of the good toilet paper Wallgreen's?! I am very fussy about what is rubbed on my butt.

2. While purchasing TP and shaving gel at Safeway, I decided to impulse buy strawberry Crush in glass bottles. Apparently when people take a few bottles out of a 6-pack carrier, they become unstable and when innocent Quianas come by to take the carrier propping up the partially empty carrier, the partially empty carrier falls onto the floor and 50% of the bottles explode everywhere. This makes me a sad panda.

3. Got in line at Joann's with one spool of heavy duty thread and a set of upholstery needles. I was the only one in line and there are two check stands open. One of the checkers summonsed the manager, and I was not paying much attention. A moment later the manager was at my elbow asking if she can help me. I found this confusing because usually at Joann's the check stand is a complete clusterfuck with 10 people in line and 1 or 2 check stands open, so thinking that she thought I need manager-level assistance, I merely gestured to my basket and said, "I just want to buy these." She looked into my basket and says, "That's not for sale." I looked down at the thread and needles and asked, "Why not?" She replied, "They're not for sale." I pick up the items and say, "But they were on the shelf." I am now convinced I am in the Twilight Zone. Then the woman said, "Ohhhhhhhh, I thought you wanted to buy the basket. Those are not for sale."


Ferretnick said...

I often stand in lines at retail stores with an empty basket myself.
'Cause you know... ALL the kids want them.

qtilla said...

I know! And this one was green too!

erin said...

This whole week has been an odd one. I ran over a pigeon yesterday on my way home from work. I didn't think that was possible?! (Also, I was horrified and it's entirely possible I called my mom and cried that I'd killed a pigeon. Mom to me: it was the pigeon's time.)

Joann Fabrics is in some sort of 4th dimension. Every time I go in there and try to communicate with the employees, it is like talking underwater.

qtilla said...

I had a bird fly into the side of my car recently. I was feeling pretty bad, I didn't know if I should get out of the car or what.

Then I realized that I was on a 55 mph highway and that is probably frowned upon.

Elwood said...

Not to belittle those that earn a living working retail (and I've done my time in that mine), but sometimes there's a good reason why they continue in that arena.

Thought you wanted to buy the basket...*rolls eyes, shakes head*