Monday, August 04, 2008

Back in the Saddle

I'm back and tanned (in places). And I have sapphires, star garnets, 3 kinds of crystal, and fossilized leaves. (Still single, tell your friends!)

I'll update my excruciatingly boring daily blog over the next couple of days to update on the specifics of the trip, but in short:
1. It was hot (really hot).
- 10am, why the hell shouldn't it be 90 degrees?

2. I own a lot (A LOT) of rocks. You needs rocks. I gots rocks.
-I get that we were supposed to be hunting rocks, but hey, guess what... I totally have no idea what to do with all these rocks.

3. I did not walk a single schnauzer even one time (of their 3- THREE- walks a day)
-Yes, I let my aged grandparents walk 6 dogs 3 times a day. I am an ass. An ass that does like to deal with schnaus.

4. My dead uncle's ex-mistress' closed minded creepy fundamentalist Christian beliefs are warping my cousin hideously. Not that she had much of a shot of normalcy to begin with.
-ex: will not let my cousin read Harry Potter because she will learn witchcraft.

Where was I going with all this? Oh yea. I'm back, and will resume my standard blogging 'schedule' as of today.


Kristina Wright said...

Welcome home!

. . . rock garden in the bathroom?
You could decorate them and make a little rock-people army and then read Harry Potter to learn how to animate them!

And that's not being an ass--you're being helpful and letting them get exercise. It's good for them.

qtilla said...

See, you have all the best ideas.

My other idea is throwing them at people I don't like. Unfortunately, I don't think that I have enough rocks.

erin said...

so wait, i am confused. what kinds of rocks are these? are they special rocks and crystals? like the ones my mom sends me with little scrawled notes about putting them in my car, my wallet, my bra (uh huh, that particular rock is supposed to ward off evil and curses)? or are these rocks that you collect like seashells? inquiring minds want to know.

i know squat about rocks and crystals, but i do know i've got blue lace agates and citrine and apache tears hiding all over my house. (oh, my mom.)

qtilla said...

Well, I panned for the sapphires and star garnets from trailings from gem mines.

I used a rock hammer and shovel to dig up quartz, fluorite (purple and green)and barite.

The fossilized leaves had been carved loose from a hillside and so you dug through the exposed rock and looked for rocks that had bands denoting possible lake-bed action and chiseled them open with hammer and chisel.

And why? Why I dug for hours in 100 degree heat for these rocks.

I have no idea. Rocks are just neat. I think some will live in my potted plants.

None in my bra though.

Tripping Daisy said...

My aunt is the same way with my cousins and Harry Potter. I am just waiting for my cousins to leave the house and go psycho crazy rebels. hehe

qtilla said...

It is such a long wait tho. Can't I just beat some sense into her instead. You know, with my angry little fists?