Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So a while ago I mentioned that I was concerned about the alleged suicide of Pfc. LaVena Johnson. That day I wrote my congressman, Jay Inslee a brief email to make him aware that this is a concern for his constituents. A few weeks later I received a lengthy letter and a copy of a related Congressional Report. The letter not only addressed Pfc. Johnson but also got into the root of the problem, a lack of transparency in the military. The report was lengthy and primarily addressed the US military's use of the media to influence the public in situations that the public would find untenable.

I don't know much about Jay Inslee, but it was somewhat comforting to know that my letter was viewed with enough interest to merit a response.

Unfortunately, real comfort comes from a military that treats its soldiers (of both genders) with the respect that they deserve. People should not fear their military.


Dr. Zoltar said...

After all the crap that has been happening lately in politics, that is what is going to get people elected: Transparency. You don't have to agree with what everything someone says, but that person better be honest. That's why I can't stand Dino Rossi. He's a proven liar.

qtilla said...

And comes off kind of like a jerk.

When I was on the other side of the state there were so many Dino Rossi signs, but many of them had graffiti changing 'Dino Rossi' to 'DinoSAUR!', and it was pretty much awesome.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Love it! The neighborhood that we are in is mostly Republican and every day we have to see no less than 4 Rossi signs as we come home. At least two of those people are uber-Christian conservatives and one of the others is just a fat jerk who likes to ignore burn bans.

Elwood said...

Makes me appreciate the little liberal enclave I live in, espesically since I'm so close to the blue/red boundry lines of the Cascades.