Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Boring Shit About Which I am Thinking

1. Still kind of hung up on my fundy Not-Aunt and the manner in which she is raising my cousin.
a. Children should not believe that their dead fathers went to hell.

b. She pays money to send her to a school where they teach straight up Bible literal creationism. Also my cousin is not reading to grade level. What are they doing over there? Making WWJD bracelets?

c. She lives 2.5 hours away and yet apparently when you cross the Cascades rather than landing in dry Seattle, you land in Kansas. In 1850. Where people cannot understand what a half brother is because heavens, nobody gets a divorce. Where having a half-brother is apparently grounds for ridicule and shaming. (I wonder if they know that he is black. GASP!

d. How is it that people are allowed to procreate all higgledy piggledy? People should not be allowed to just make babies and then screw them up.
  1. Spent some time with my voter's ballot tonight and was all irritated with the various candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Let me just assure you guys that voting for a candidate who is running on an anti-WASL platform will either a. replace the WASL with an entirely differently named but nearly identical test OR b. keep the WASL because it conforms to national law and cost a fortune to create. It makes me so frustrated that these candidates either don't understand No Child Left Behind Legislation or are willing to lie to uninformed voters.

  2. My mother is coming to visit this weekend and I am kind of freaking out... just, you know, a little bit. I only have to entertain her solo for Saturday. But that is plenty of time for us to have a terrible fight. Suggestions for wholesome family entertainment? I'm thinking a Brendon Frasier movie. Two hours, no talking. Phew!

  3. Today I bought a trellis for my green bean plants and as I moved the sticky little vine I noticed a dozen tiny slugs eating my plants. I urgently need one can of PBR... in which to drown those little fuckers.


Dr. Zoltar said...

And you've made a great arguement as to why I'm anti-religion. Case in point:

Person in charge: "Believe X!"
Worshipper: "Why?"
Person in charge: "Because I said so. And if you don't you'll go to hell and burn for eternity. It says so written in this old book that man wrote."
Worshipper: "Oh, ok."

There is a reason I'm an athiest/agnostic.

qtilla said...

It is very sad that people need to hurt other people, scare them.