Friday, July 07, 2006

Poor Craig.

Craigslist is being sued by civil rights groups for not screening adds for fair housing practices.
If I am looking for a roommate- not a tenant, but someone who is sharing my personal space- I want to be able to say “no kids” or “fat girls filled with anger and spite” or whatever. Furthermore if an asshole doesn’t want to share his space with a white guy or a black guy, or a gay guy, or a woman—I think he should be able to say “white, straight, boring roommate wanted.”
I don’t think a complex should be able to be gay-free, but individual assholes sharing space, should be allowed to look for other assholes. That way us regular folks can steer clear.
Furthermore I am tired of the grasping hands of the government continually trying to get its sticky fingers all over the internet. This is almost as bad as when private business was getting their cheeto fingers all over which businesses qualify for high speed internet.

Oh, and in other Tech News:
Cingular was ripping off the former AT&T customers by allowing their reception to degrade and using price influences and improper contracting to cause them to sign new contracts with Cingular. I know if those assholes had done that to me, they would be getting a little call and I would be getting a little out of my contract for free and getting a new swanky phone from T-Mobile or Verizon.
I’m just saying, Steve.

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