Monday, July 31, 2006

Oh dear.

Lindsay's Mom Strikes Back
By Sarah Hall
35 Minutes Ago

After her daughter received a scathing letter regarding her professionalism from the producer of her upcoming film, Dina Lohan struck back, calling the letter "way out of line."

In his missive, which was made public by the Smoking Gun Website, Morgan Creek Productions CEO James G. Robinson accused the younger Lohan of acting like a "spoiled child," blaming her various tardy arrivals and absences from the set of the upcoming picture Georgia Rule on her "ongoing all night heavy partying."

But Dina Lohan denounced Robinson's letter as "ridiculous."

"Maybe he has personal issues with whomever and it came out with my child," she told Access Hollywood in an interview scheduled to air Monday. "I don't know him. I can't judge him. I don't think it was a smart thing to do to a young girl."

The elder Lohan acknowledged that her daughter had been late to the set on occasion and admitted that production once had to be rescheduled to accommodate her lateness.

But she defended the 20-year-old actress' most recent absence from the set, which occurred after Lohan was treated at an area hospital for what her publicist described as a case of heat exhaustion.

"Lindsay was in 105 [degree weather] saying, 'Mommy, I feel sick; like I am going to faint.' She took herself to the hospital," Dina Lohan said. "She has asthma and in extreme cold or heat you can't breathe."

After receiving Robinson's letter last week, Lohan was back on the set the following day without incident, the film exec told the Hollywood Reporter.

"I'm just trying to get the movie made," Robinson said. "I did what I felt I needed to do on behalf of the movie and on behalf of her, too. I wanted to set some limits."

His letter warned that the film's producers would not "accept bogus excuses" for Lohan's behavior and would pursue "full monetary damages" against the actress if she failed to honor her commitment to the film.

"It was not a nasty letter. It was, 'Come on be a professional,'" Robinson said of his communication with the Mean Girls star. "We're halfway through with six weeks to go. There's no turning back. I wrote the letter; it was from me, not some damn attorney. She showed up. That's all I cared about."

It's not the first time Robinson has engaged in public battle with the star of one of his films. He previously scuffled with Sharon Stone over her refusal to appear nude in 1996's Diabolique.

But despite his harsh words in his letter to Lohan, Robinson said he had no personal problems with the actress

"I've never had a minute's trouble with her. She's every inch a lady," he added. "I felt I needed to remind her of her obligations to show up."

As for Dina Lohan, she feels that her daughter's hard work on the film will shine through in the end.

"She will win an Academy Award for this picture," the elder Lohan told Access Hollywood.

Now, I wasn't going to bring up Lindsay Lohan on this blog. But holy cow she was just the cutiest little thing in The Parent Trap. I own it and she was a terrifically talented little girl. Most recently I saw her in a prairie Home Companion- where she was not believable in any way.

Not to be an asshole but I wanted to put her mother's above comment on my blog to remind me to watch this movie and decide if, in addition to: not understanding asthma, not controlling her underage alcoholic child, not preventing her from sleeping with some of the world's most useless ass-clowns, being a moneygrubbing child user, and being utterly unaware of how young she doesn't look, she is also absolutely delusional about the level of her daughter's talent.
I won't bother throwing a picture of Lindsay onto my blog, if you need to see the Trailer Pudd'nthat she has become you can just check out

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