Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Last night Cathi called me up and asked if I wanted to walk the lake. Monica was a heat-wave refugee in my apartment and decided to come too. Just as we were starting out I noticed my ex and some chick (a girl from church I would guess) on a date. They were perched shyly and awkwardly on the bench watching the sun set. Cathi and my ex are buddies so we had to go over and say “hi”. It was definitely a first date (he was wearing basically what he wore on our first date) and he introduced me as a “coworker.” (Which is fine and dandy if one is in the habit of having sex with one’s coworkers.) Anyway, she looked exactly like me aside from a doe-eyed dewy innocence and a few inches of height.
Anyway, it was a wee bit uncomfortable and I hope for his sake he didn’t whip out the ex-card right away. In the beginning I think vagueness is a winning trait. I felt kind of bad for him- the ex-sighting on a first date is kinda crappy. Oh well. He did bring her on a repeat date of ours to the lake ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE.

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Alexandria said...

"Coworker????" Are you serious???