Thursday, July 13, 2006

Movie Roundup

I saw a ton of movies over the last two weeks and I thought I should share some thoughts:

Good. A well made movie, much better than X3 in every sense. It had interesting writing, great acting, and excellent special effects. It wasn't that exciting, but for the love of God, it is Superman. Archie and Jughead has more suspenseful moments.

Pirates of the Caribbean (Part Deux)
Good. Exactly as expected: more of the same. If Orlando Bloom could be any more boring and uninteresting both in his acting and in his character, there would be a sure fire cure for insomnia. The effects were amazing, but the plot drug on a bit. I also prefer movies that, you know, end. 2.5 hours was a bit long. And they're going to get another 2.5 hours and 10$ out of me next July. But it's a movie about pirates, so who am I kidding. See you next year, Mr. Depp.

By far the best movie I saw in the theater this weekend. It was very cute, heartwarming, fresh, and it had a great message. I just thought it was awesome.

Prairie Home Companion
WTF? I NEVER use internet slang, but sweet zombie Jesus, it was soooo bad. I actually listen to the NPR program and I still found this movie boring, derivative, confusing, and senseless. I like my movies to have plots. You see most movies go intro, problem, struggle, solution, wrap up. This movie was like intro intro intro, confusing plot device, more intro, cliché, random violence, intro intro, uninteresting and nonsensical non-conclusion. The only way this movie could have been interesting would be if Garrison Keillor would have had a chainsaw attached to his hand and zombies had eaten off Lindsay Lohan’s face. (Lohan, who incidentally threw away her only amusing lines. Oh Lindsay, you were such a good little actress in Parent Trap- has the Syph finally reached your brain?)
Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly stole the show. If the entire movie had been Dusty and Lefty I would have left with a smile. What a waste of good actors and my time.

Road to Perdition
The best movie I saw this weekend. Seriously wonderful. Rent it. Save your self 6 bucks and stay home. Wonderful acting, fascinating story, it had a plot, it had an ending, it was well filmed, it was interesting and suspenseful and it was just kind of compelling.

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Alexandria said...

The intro of Road to Perdition with the kid on the bike in the snow is one of the most beautifully filmed scenes ever!