Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I left my Sonic Care in San Francisco

San Francisco was great. Jim and I had a lovely time wandering about, grazing like bovines, riding stone cats, and
mocking strangers. We seriously had three desserts a day including my sacred cream puffs. All in all, good times. Except that I forgot my toothbrush. I think you guys all know traumatizing that can be.

From San Francisco I traveled to the outskirts of Sacramento where I divided myself between the family ranches. My cousin Laurie made an interesting offer that she would help establish me in the mortgage business if I wanted to move down there. She would also give me the guest suite of the house and in exchange I would 1. not be a fuck up and 2. ride their horses. If it hadn’t been you know, 108 degrees down there I might consider it. It was so hot that her light tan leather interior (of her Lexus hard-top convertible- soooooo cheeky) had to be covered with blankets after my cousin received serious burns (red swollen thighs- yay!) from sitting on it with her bare skin.
From Sacramento we traveled to the Oregon coast where I looked for beach glass (to use in jewelry making) and spied on sea lions. It was really hot so we decided to head for home and about 4 hours out of Seattle we had a deflating tire. We stopped to buy a new tire and in the 104 degree weather, my uncle crawled under the truck and spliced wires together, fixing the trailer’s running lights so that we could drive in the rapidly approaching dark. Finally we arrived in Federal Way to find that they had closed 3 lanes of traffic on I-5. Fun fun fun. Then after they opened, they closed in downtown Seattle again. Excitedly we got into the Express Lane exit lane only to have it roll to closed as we watched.
Eventually we did get home… to find that it was 75 degrees at midnight. Oh well. The trip was really fun anyway.
(pictures to come later)

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