Friday, July 07, 2006

George Lucas just can't leave well enough alone.

Don't get me started on George Lucas and his revisions of Star Wars, but, if you do want to get me started this link will give you all the material you need to keep me cussing for hours.




You know the Wizard of Oz is sooo dated. Let's take the lollipop Guild guys, CGI them to be black and have them rap the Guild welcome.
Also golden retrievers are much more popular, instead of Toto, let's CGI in "Duke." Maybe he should talk... let's get a test audience in.
While we're at it, let's see about Gone with the Wind. Let's make all the slaves white paid servants. There, now isn't that better?

You know if Lucas was going to do a bunch of changes between release and DVD, he should have refilmed episodes 1-3. Or at least deleted JarJar Binks.

Incidentally, spell check suggests "jerk" as a correction for JarJar.

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