Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Koo Koo Kachoo Mrs. Robinson

Dear Manufacturer of the Regal Prowler Camper Trailer,

In my recent stay in one of your campers I was amazed at its level of sophistication. Built in TV antenna, surround sound, and a microwave; your camper may be nicer than my apartment! Your ingenious storage solutions put my Ikea and Storable products to shame. However, I have a design suggestion that will revolutionize the camper trailer industry.

Imagine with me that you are a ten year old boy who has needed to pee all the way through Koopa’s Castle. Finally, having beaten two Koopa Kids, you save your game and innocently skip to bathroom.

Now imagine that you are a twenty five year old woman who, having recently come back to camp after a long hike, is enjoying the soapy solitude of a nice hot shower.

Now imagine these two events happening concurrently in one of you trailers. This brings me to my amazing design suggestion: bathroom door locks.

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