Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Victory is Mine!

Last night I broke all the rules: fatty food, milky food, martinis, sweets. I was lawless at the Stumbling Goat for Czarina and Czabrina’s birthday dinner. But early this morning I woke to a smell so bad that I immediately cast about for the dog, intent on ordering him from the room… only to find he was sleeping in the cool basement. Yes, I had produced a smell that was so terrible, so absolutely raunchy, that I am just a tiny bit proud.
“Ha!” I cry on behalf of every woman who has ever been laying in bed with her boyfriend or husband and has been compelled to say, “My God, what have you been eating?!”

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Thirsty Platypus said...

I think it helps to brush your teeth before you go to bed.. try it :)