Monday, July 09, 2007

More than meets the eye.

Steve, Addy & I saw Transformers on Sunday and I was blown away. I had assumed that Michael Bay would create a bloated romance with appalling writing and a pitiful plot.

Yes, there were some tedious romantic elements, bad lines, and pathetically juvenile instances. And there were some plot-holes, but nothing on the order of other films designed for the same audience *Fantastic Four 1 cough cough.* But over all I found it to be charming and exciting. To my immense surprise the movie was also quite funny. And unlike other lengthy movies, *Pirates 2 cough cough* I didn’t even think to look at my watch. The acting was overall very good, even with the wooden performances of the ricockulously perfect looking women. This Labeouf kid gave a quite endearing performance. The character development was excellent- another surprise. And, of course, the effects were fantastic.

People keep accusing this movie of ruining their cherished childhood memories, but I wonder if any of these people have watched the original cartoon as adults…. I’m just saying that this was a cartoon created to sell toys.

So, for a film, made by Michael bay, based on a cartoon, based on toys, I was surprised and pleased. 5 monkeys.

Spoiler in Orange below (with non-spoiler to follow):

So I only had two serious problems with Transformers:

No seriously, spoiler.

1. Dude, they made a jive talking robot. Then they killed him. To clarify: they made a black robot and then they killed it. They killed the black one. What greater compliment can we give to a minority than to show him sacrificing himself to protect a couple of white kids and some (ostensibly) white robots?

2. That whole chasing the giant cube premise upon which the entire movie was built was some super lazy writing. “Yes, and they’ll be chasing a cube. Like a Rubik’s cube crossed with a Borg ship. Yes, brilliant!”

End of Spoiler!

Also five monkeys for the trailer to the untitled JJ Abrams film, (which is rumored to be called Cloverfield) which looked awesome. However, if this turns out to be a terrorist movie or a remake of Godzilla I will be super-pissed.

Quiana Prediction: The first half will be mysterious and engaging. The second half will be a muddled up mess of red-herrings and unanswered questions, culminating in a finish almost nobody is interested in. But this is all just a predication based upon, you know, empirical evidence.

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