Thursday, July 19, 2007

Getting Off the Bike to Nowhere

It has taken me 690 days, BUT I have finally completed writing my 101 list (to the right under labels). (Per project set forth here.)
In my defense, I am a person who gets an idea and does not need a list, but rather says, "Hey self, now is as good a time as any." (This thinking did not apparently pertain to the writing of the list, however.)
Of course another part of the issue is that I am super-boring person with super-boring goals, which I really did try to keep to a minimum.
Additionally, as the writing process stretched seemingly forever a new problem arose in that I was taking so long to write the list that things were being crossed off of it before I could complete it.
Anyway, it is here now and you can see the list over yon if you care. I hope to post pictures of me completing items on the list as I go, assuming I don't completely forget about its very existence (a thing I am known to do from time to time).


PalinDrome said...

Hike part of the John Wayne Trail

- I love the part by Snoqualmie with the old railroad tunnel.

Learn salsa

-Ummmm Salsa

Watch every episode of Eerie Indiana

- Foreverware Rules!!! I can loan you the DVD set. :)

qtilla said...

I would like to mention that the above reasons are some of the factors leading to your awesomeness.
Other factors include:
LEGO Dorktitude
Excellent present choosing abilities
Excellent wrapping paper choosing abilities
(by the latter I mean 'thanks for the super cool comics!')

PalinDrome said...

Just a note to all others with whom I may give presents to in the future: Only chicks get wrapped presents from me. Dudes will just have to live with the sack that it originally came in.