Thursday, July 12, 2007

SUC’s Helpful Hints: Beat the Heat

1. Move to Seattle Norway.

2. Craigslist Casual Encounters
"Petite brunette seeking… anyone with air conditioning.”

3. Build nest made out of Otter Pops… in the freezer section at Safeway.

4. Stay at work. Watch movies on Netflix online, snack on pop-tarts from vending machine. Sleep under desk in cubical on a luxurious bed of TPS reports.

5. Make arrangements to meet your friends at a nice air-conditioned pool hall, then spend an hour in your air-conditioned car driving there and circling 3 parking garages looking for parking and then giving up, stopping at 7-11 for Ben & Jerry’s, and eating it alone. In the basement. Watching reruns of Scrubs.


cymberleah said...

Hmm. I think I like option number three, although I could be easily tempted with number 2.

qtilla said...