Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Texting, the Gateway to Gateway Drugs

CNN recently aired a story about a survey's results indicating that teenagers who spend large portions of time using social networks/texting are more likely to smoke, drink, use drugs, and have sex (possibly more interesting sex than I'm having) (kidding, Muffin).

So, what I'm hearing is that kids with more active social lives fall victim to social ills? That kids who spend more than 3 hours a day screwing around on the internet, unattended by adults, are more likely to have risky behavior?


As it turns out, popular kids with uninvolved parents and too much time on their hands do most of the cool kid dangerous stuff. I hope that this study was not paid for by the US government. That would be depressing. In related news, how about we do a study relating the relationship between time spent watching Babylon 5 and wedgies.

More critically, while the article clearly states that the relationship between texting and sex is not causal, in the TV segment, the host actually asked how to manage kid's texting to prevent teenagers having fun sex/a drink/drugs. Surely, if you turn off her phone's text function, your little princess will never have sex or drink. She will also cure cancer, sprout wings and fly, make cupcakes too beautiful to eat, and create peace in the Middle East.

I think that the horrific teen trend we should really, as adults, be concerned with is trampolining:

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