Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At the gym Kanye-style!

I tried a new machine at the gym last week. IT WAS AWESOME:

I'd never used the Adaptive Motion Trainer before because it looks too much like this:

Scary right?


Ok, well, here is what it looks like when someone is on it:

Still no? Well, it is yellow and gray and taller than me. I assure you that the yellow really stands out at the gym where everything is gray or black.

Anyway, I got on there and once I got it going, it was like when I was young and lithe and could run with leaping strides. Those days before I jacked up my knee and foot from running with leaping strides.

And my knee was fine and my foot was fine. And I was leaping like a GAZELLE. And I was (loudly) telling Angie, my gym buddy, "I AM LIKE A GAZELLE! LEAP! LEAP! LEAP!" Angie choking on her water, as I moved my arms diving through the air in gazelle hoofs-like motion.


"WOosh! Gazelle. gazelle... Holy shit. I'm so tired. How long have we been on these things?"

"10 minutes"


So fine, I only did a mile, but for 50% of the time I was a gazelle.

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