Saturday, November 13, 2010

Status of "American Ingenuity" jeopardized.

Remember that one time when I cleverly stopped my trunk leak by caulking it?

Remember the incredulity of the guy at Home Depot, as he said, "I don't know if that's a good idea."

Now, this is going to come as a HUGE shock, guess what was not maybe a very good idea? Did you guess caulking my trunk? Good guess.

My tail light is out. But I sealed the aperture with caulk. So now I have to disconnect my car battery, remove the caulking, fix the light, and then re-caulk that space and reconnect the battery.

Why disconnect the battery? Because knives + wires = bad news bears.

Why re-caulk? Because I don't have a better idea about how to fix my leaky trunk. (Which sounds like an embarrassing disease for elephants.)

The internet, which was silent on this issue when I was googling the hell out of it, now tells me that I can remove my light wells and then caulk with some specific sort of putty. Thanks for nothing, internet.

That's a ton of work well beyond my level of caring/ability. I think I'll just re-caulk it and hope that the light doesn't go out again before the car shudders to a stop on I5 in rush hour.

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