Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Regional restroom sherpa available!

Remember those halcyon days of yore when I daydreamed of how I would spend my 30th birthday?
No? (Scroll down, could be fun.)
Well, they were awesome. After much debate, I decided on a weekend in Leavenworth, frolicking in the sun, eating delicious Bavarian pastries, petting goats, and making smoochy face with Muffin.

That would have been pretty sweet. Instead I led Muffin on a tour of every restroom between Seattle and Leavenworth. Thanks to food poisoning, courtesy of The Bite of Seattle, I spent the entirety of my 30th birthday disrespecting countless bathrooms, drinking ginger ale, and weeping softly into the luxuriant hotel pillows.

Luckily, by Sunday I recovered in time to enjoy the many splendors of Leavenworth.

I didn't want one, but Muffin demanded we have a commemorative photo taken.

Rawr, hands off, ladies- that's my Muffin!


Susan (aka JoesHottie) said...

OMG - LMAO!!! I so love this photo. Love it love it love it! (so glad Joe linked me to it so I could see it. and I may just swipe it and use it as my wallpaper on my desktop)

qtilla said...

Please do. In fact, please make it the wallpaper on every computer you come across.

I did it to my mom's computer last time I was in Canada. :)