Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They should at least find you handy.

You know how sometimes you go to Home Despot and they ask you if you need some help and then they act like you're a complete moron? No? Maybe that is just me.

This is how this went:

Home Despot Guy: Can I help you find something?

Q: A good all-weather heat-resistant silicone caulk.

HDG: This one might be good for that. Doing a sauna or hot tub?

Q: Nope, trunk leak.

HDG: Uhm... I don't know if that's a good idea.

Q: This is American ingenuity at work, friend.

And now my trunk doesn't leak. Furthermore, having recommended it to my coworker, hers doesn't either.

You gotta problem? Yo, I'll solve it.


anne elise said...


I have never had a good Home Depot experience.

Most of my time there is spent warding off employees. In the rare occasion that I do, in fact, need help... I can't find a soul.

Anonymous said...

It's called
DIY (Do It Yourself) HDG!
also known as