Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roger Ebert and Being Awesome

A while ago I started reading Roger Ebert's blog in the Chicago Sun-Times. You may only think of Ebert as a movie reviewer, but Ebert is a talented writer and deep thinker. His blog is occasionally about film, but more frequently about life. Ebert himself is fading from life (having readied himself to die) after cancer and numerous surgeries, which have robbed him of speaking, eating, drinking, and facial expressions. His blog is his means of communication with the greater world.

There is something beautiful in his writing. Not simply his skill in expressing himself. Something more. The way he thinks. The way he feels and that he wants us to understand and feel too. Reading his blog is like breathing in a tiny piece of Ebert. Savoring a small piece of a great man's soul.

There is a fantastic story about Roger Ebert in Esquire and I would really encourage you to read it. Both Ebert's blog and the Esquire story are well worth the time to read.

Happy reading.

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