Friday, April 21, 2006


Lately I’ve been frustrated with my dear friend Steve, because he just isn’t as attentive as he could be. I send an email and it may become sucked into some sort of electronic black hole. So I sent him a message he couldn’t ignore.
Netflix has this fascinating feature where you can add your friends to a list a send them suggestions, share ratings, and spy on their queues. It helpfully told me that my buddy Steve rated a few movies a bit differently than most people. For example, Short Circuit = 2 stars for everyone else, but 5 stars for Steve. It also shows you the reverse..... You would think that Netflix wouldn’t allow you to suggest a movie to someone who has already seen it and given it 1 star. But they do.
I hope you enjoy your suggested film!

Pretty Woman!

"Plot:" Looking for directions to his Beverly Hills hotel, millionaire corporate raider Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) crosses paths with Hollywood hooker Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) and hires her as his "date" for a week. Vivian gets swept into a fantasy realm of room service and boutique shopping on Rodeo Drive, and what starts as a business contract turns into much more. Can the poor prostitute and rich industrialist live happily ever after?

Tagline: She walked off the street, into his life and stole his heart.
As opposed to regular prostitutes that steal your wallet but leave you with The Syph.

Actual Reviews from Netflix Users:
“Aaaaw, nothing says Love like a hooker trying to bag a rich guy... which, I assume, is why Ebert found this flick so sweet: he empathizes. Dude, retire and take Roberts with you.”

“This is a great first date movie fellas, by which of course I mean great to gauge your date's reaction. If your girl thinks that a prostitute ceases to be a prostitute after a makeover, and that refusing to kiss despite a willingness to fellate for money is somehow redeeming and intensely romantic, then you can go right on ahead and hit the ejector seat. Or you can pay her, promise her a makeover NEXT time and get out of the car. Just don't smooch her on the mouth, lest you insult her sense of morality.”

“I've always loved this movie, and after seeing the 10th Anniversary edition of the DVD - and watching all the extra bonus footage [I presume this bonus footage wasn’t of Julia Robets fellating truckers and taking it in the butt], I really love it more now. Who cares if it's all about something that normally doesn't happen in everyday life [Really? You’re shitting me.]. It was still a great "fantasy" to watch. [Yes, a great fantasy of mine is to peddle my orifices for money in the hopes that a man 20 years older than me will pity me and buy me ludicrous hats.] A woman who didn't really enjoy her job and wanted to change herself, and got to thanks to people who could really help her - and not her drug-addicted friend in the movie. [Because drug addicted hookers are stupid and useless, not like perky hookers and rich men. Stay off drugs-- but on your knees, kids!!!!]"

“What woman wouldn't love this fairy tale? I'm not a big Richard Gere fan, but this movie made me like him. [Oh golly, what woman doesn’t enjoy being shown that if she’s lucky someone will swoop in and have her suck cock for free for the rest of her life!]"

“Well done and tasteful [there were far fewer scenes of Julia Roberts shooting up or crying in the shower than there could have been] but still very funny [Still funny? Would shooting up scenes made it funnier? Actually, yes.] . Makes you feel like it could be you. [If I were a prostitute.]"

“There is nothing much to say about this movie...... if you still believe in disney's 'wish upon a star' just rent this movie and you see that dreams can come true - it's just one of this 'feel good' movies that's made once in a while. [I totally remember that part, you know, where Pinocchio is peddling his wooden ass on the street, but then Jiminy Cricket picks him up and makes him a real boy, I mean Man, I mean... wait what? Oh no, I was wrong that was from the Silly Symphony where Minnie is walking the street for cheese and takes up with Mickey even though EVERYBODY in Hollywood knows he’s gay. ]"

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