Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gas. Brake. Gas. Gas. Brake. Gas. Brake. Brake HARD. GasBrake.

After listening to NPR today I was meditating on gas use. $3.16 a gallon in LA. $3 even here in Seattle. All this time I have been thinking I want a Prius. I don’t want a stinking Prius. I don’t want to go 2 miles per hour, gliding silently like a ghost with the hiccups. I want a train system. I want to walk a few blocks to a train station, swipe a card and get on. I want it to run from Everett to Olympia. I want to be able to go from my door to downtown Seattle in 15 minutes every damn day. I don’t want to park or pay to park. I don’t want to ever give another foreign cab driver directions. I just want to get on a train and go. I don’t give a damn if it is on ground, above ground, or below ground but I very strongly believe that I shouldn’t be stuck in traffic for 45 minutes to go the 15 miles to Lynnwood at 6 o’clock on a Sunday. If I need to buy one object out there in the world, I want to hike over to the station, wait for a train, and go. I don’t want to waste gas and time taking my car to go buy a $2 bottle of nutmeg.
I hate you Seattle and your unhelpful obsession with monorailing and unmonorailing.


Terry said...

I have to say, the NYC subway is pretty flippin' sweet.

technogreek said...

Between BART and MUNI, I don't even miss having a car here in SF.