Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I've had it up to here with you, Switzerland!

What's wrong Switzerland, no wars to abstain from? Lost your economic advantage?
You think you're soooooo cool; "we're neutral, above all your petty cares." You're not Quakers, you're pussies!
Well, have fun being the country where criminals hold their money. Good for you, very neutral. When Charles Taylor goes to jail, does his wife get the money? Or do you get a new pair of sneaks?
Now you are offering European woman a place to go oggle Swiss Wussy-boys while their husbands are busy watching football. I don't think it is nice to steal other nation's wives. And I know this sounds crazy, but many women all over the world love football and will be avidly following World Cup. Women like sports too... all those tight buns, I mean excellent uhm... goals... and stuff.
Shame on you Switzerland for.... hurrrr hurrrr hurrrr......

Uhm.... I've always wanted to go to Switzerland.

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