Friday, April 21, 2006

Ok, Ok, Ok,

Fine, I admit yesterday’s entry was not entirely fair, but it just burns my buttons. Sure the Hotel Rwanda character Rusesabagina was a probably a greater man than the real Rusesabagina, but one of the articles I read went on at length about how he “didn’t really want to help” or “didn’t do enough.” Nobody “wants” to endanger themselves or their families for the sake of others. Part of sacrifice is to fight against what you want to do. He didn’t have to take in all those people. But he did. I believe that risking your life and future livelihood for a couple thousand strangers is a lot. I don’t know what “enough” would be.
In a country where neighbors, co-workers, church brothers, and strangers slaughtered each other to broadcast music chanting ‘kill them, kill them, kill them’ saving even one person is “enough.” Hell, not chopping people up with a machete is probably a big step in the right direction.
Nobody in Rwanda could have stopped what happened at that point, but a few million people in America, Canada, or Europe could have. Making these movies may remind some of us that real people (not dark savages) are fighting and dieing and we can stop it, even though we don't have to.

I don't want to be the world police and it makes me frustrated that the world treats the US like their cousin who won the lottery; but in 1994 I was surfing in Hawaii, not being raped and slaughtered in the street.

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