Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dear Rwanda,

Get a clue. America does not care about you. They didn’t care in 1994 and they are only marginally interested now because of the score of films that have been created. I’m terribly sorry that these fictional films are not accurate. Perhaps you think we should go back to the not giving a shit?
Quit complaining. This is bringing more attention to the plight of Africa. Attention and money. Which I am sure you are not turning down.
I’m sorry about what happened. All of it, Germany, Belgium and everything after. I really really am. I’m sorry for what happened in Liberia, and Nicaragua, and America, and Afghanistan too.
I’m sorry our movies cannot perfectly please everyone. I’m sorry that America doesn’t fly around like Superman to right injustices.
But I’m really sorry that you are so shortsighted. Either get up on your own two feet and walk, or let the Americans come and film their movies and send you their shame money.
If you want to help Sudan and Chad, shut your mouths. We don’t owe you shit.

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