Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things looking up!

Today I got TWO (2!!) presents at work!

1. A large "Q" made out of wood and painted pretty for my cubical. Yay! A "Q"! That is exciting stuff. I will hang it next to my Shia LeBeouf collection!

2. Fancy smelling soap and a book of zenlike "Hawaiian Proverbs". Yay soap! Sometimes I smell funny, so that should work out awesome. Furthermore, I have been chasing zen. I have not read the book yet, but keep your fingers crossed that it will call for a drink with a tiny umbrella and a strong resemblance to Carmen Miranda's hat.

Also, today was MAGIC DAY: Girl Scout cookies arrived at the office.

AND everyone was envious of the delicious lunch I had made and brought.

On the downside, the babysitting kids let me know that my juggling needs A LOT of work. Perhaps when I am unemployed I will have plenty of time to practice. (Zing!) (Awwwwww nuts.)

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